I would like to thank these two boogers for making me cry just now!!! I love yall im sooooo PROUD!!! Lets get it man!!!! @taneishaaintwhite @jazminecomesfirst
I think this is a bit much…
This is why olivia needs to GET HER SHIT together! NOT FUNNY! Repost
Repost! YERP
REPOST been sayin this for years
Someone to care for to be there for i’ve got you two💋
Ol nafisk…💜 My ma is wayyy better than yours…
"…he said damn i love lucii"
… It keeps me going*:. 💋
Shit i say all the time… Why buy the cow when he gettin that milk for FREE… Hell he need to commit for!?? Then you try to have a baby to get a title and just be a baby mama with no type of intentions just a child… all hurt …#stolen @__goaldiggerrr